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Before the Trip…

Thursday or Friday – Getting Ready to Go Camping!  

(Some after-work ideas and suggestions that will make your trip a great memory for you and your child.)


  • Talk with your child about the upcoming road trip to the mountains and how excited you are to have a “Father—Son/daughter Weekend” together.

  • Have your child help get things together for your road trip (special snacks, etc.), as well as the other items to bring for the events (see What to Bring). 

  • Make it intentional and eliminate distractions consider making it a “no screen weekend” with no iphones, ipads, video, games, ipods, to distract from the experience and opportunity to connect. Think of any specific topics or discussions you’ve been wanting to have with you son and possibly pray with your wife over what you might say.

  • Make it a big deal set out all the items in the hallway or other area to show this is a big event and go over your list with your son before you start putting the items into your truck or car. 

  • Start packing your vehicle – Show them the tools and items that both of you are responsible for bringing.

  • Pray with your son ask God to bless your efforts to honor your family and give each of you the courage to not become distracted, but remain focused on listening and accepting each of our children as they are.



Meet and Drive to Campsite – General Information about the Morning:


  • Let your child pick the fast food restaurant or breakfast for the morning.  This is a great time to talk about the day and get her prepared for the events coming up. 

  • We will meet at the Alberton’s parking lot at Power and McDowell at 7:30am – We will leave promptly at 7:45am.   We will be meeting you there to lead the caravan up.   We will caravan to the camp.  Driving directions will be confirmed at this time in case someone breaks up from the pack.

  • As you drive up resist playing the radio/cd at the beginning of the trip.  Instead, take your time and ask open-ended questions of your son.  This may take a little while because your child (and you!) may not be used to such a conversation; however, you will be surprised as the road trip goes on where the conversations end up.  Also, as the drive progresses you should ask your son to play their favorite music and have a good time with them.

  • Please note we will not be taking showers at the camp on Saturday night or Sunday morning because of the short time, lack of amenities and the number of activities we have planned. 

  • Once you arrive, we will direct you on where to park your vehicles and the area in which your group will be setting up camp.

  • Lunch will be served around 11:30am (or so).  Following lunch we will divide up into our pre-arranged groups and begin activities with your boys.

  • At night we will gather around a large fire or propane fire pits (depending on fire restrictions), make s’mores and talk with the kids.  Bring warm winter clothes; at night and early mornings, the temperature may drop down to 40 degrees.  During the day it will warm up into the 80’s.

  • On Sunday, we will finish up the weekend on Sunday around 1pm after lunch.  There are several things you may want to do with your son after our time together, such as going hiking, fishing or exploring the area so make some time to just hang out together before you return down the hill to the worldly distractions too soon!

  • Weekend Event Schedule and Purpose for the Activities


Weekend Preparation Ideas/Overview

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